Demeter working on food security

With the investment in new vehicles Demeter Seed is ready to serve the Malawi farmer and work hand in hand with the farming community and it’s leaders towards food security for the Malaw nation.

Malawi secures food

Malawi farmers secure their maize crop for food this coming year. To achieve a good harvest, choosing the right seed is the most important decision a farmer makes.  Only the best seed of the most suitable variety will give the farmer the best return on his investment. Demeter seed is tested, tried and produced in Malawi for Malawi giving the Malawian farmers the key to food security the country needs.

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Maize crop shines in Njuyu Malawi

At a field day at Njuyu in the Mzimba district of Malawi the drought tolerance of maize hybrid Mphangala MH26 was much appreciated. At some stage in the season maize producers were thinking they would loose the crop due to lack of rain. But the demeter maize hybrid recovered and produced impressive cobs on drought damaged plants. Husk cover was good protecting the grain against threats from Fall Army Worm(FAW)



Success with Demeter maize in northern Malawi

Farmers in Kameme in the northern tip of Malawi are ready to reap a good harvest from their maize crops planted with Demeter seed. Applying good crop husbandary and with effective control of the Falla Army Worm (FAW) the plants have grown well and produced good grain filled cobs.


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