Success with Demeter maize in northern Malawi

Farmers in Kameme in the northern tip of Malawi are ready to reap a good harvest from their maize crops planted with Demeter seed. Applying good crop husbandary and with effective control of the Falla Army Worm (FAW) the plants have grown well and produced good grain filled cobs.


Sunflower shining in Malawi

Sunflower is shining in the Demeter Seed research plot near Lilongwe. Demeter is testing various types in view of selecting the best for local conditions and bringing seed to market in near future.




Maize seed for dry season planting in Malawi

The Malawi climate allows for maize planting all year round as long as there is moisture for plant to grow. Now in the dry season this is not always the case. Moisture comes from what is still in the soil around streams. What helps is to plant a drought tolerant early variety. For this purpose Demeter Seed makes available the white maize variety ZM309. Currently being packed in Lilongwe to be distributed to agro-dealers around the country now.



Cowpeas for sustainable agriculture

Demeter Seed is producing cowpea seed in Malawi for Malawi.

The cowpea is an annual  legume. Due to its tolerance for sandy soil and low rainfall it is an important crop in Malawi.  It requires very few inputs, as the plants root nodules are able to fix atmospheric nitrogen, making it a valuable crop for resource poor farmers and well-suited to intercropping with other crops. The whole plant is used as forage for animals, with its use as cattle feed likely responsible for its name.



Professional seed production in Malawi

Demeter Seed producing seed for Malawi in Malawi.

This is a picture of maize hybrid seed production on irrigated farm on shores of the Shire river. The irrigation facility and professional management provide a sound base for a secure seed production.

Seed prod 2



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