You can’t grow crops without phosphorus

To grow properly, plants need water, light and air. They also need nutrients from the soil, including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. All of these are important – but phosphorus especially, because it affects the plant early in its life. The plant needs it to build its root system, which is the basis for taking up other nutrients. Without enough phosphorus, plants are stunted and yield little.


Market waste can be an important source of compost  


Commercializing small scale farming in Malawi

The World Bank has granted Malawi US $95m for an Agriculture Commercialization (AGCOM) project. As such, the country’s agriculture sector is expected to turn into big business in the next six years. According to media reports, the initiative is an attempt to transform the agriculture sector into a high productive commercial division.


Demeter Seed stocks certified seed of maize, various legumes and a diversity of vegetable seeds to give the farmer the genetic tools he needs to make the small scale commercial farming operation a success.



Guidelines to control fall armyworms

The Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI) has released a new system of controlling fall armyworms.

The move comes after seven pesticides, developed by TPRI in 2017, proved to be ineffective against the type of worms, scientifically known as Spodoptera frugiperda.

The pesticides include Belt 480 Sc, Duduba 450 Ec, and Emamectin Benzoate, Mupacron 50Ec, Abamectin 5% and Lambda Cyhalothrin ‘karate’.



Seed meets good planting rains

Throughout Malawi farmers have been receiving good planting rains and seeds are coming to life nicely.

A new life of a good food crop starts with the seed. The past few months the Demeter Seed team have worked hard on getting Demeter seed of maize and legumes to over 900 agro outlets spread out accross Malawi. This has given the farmers access to the vital input they need for a successful food crop – Demeter seed.

to the farmer

Alimi ku Malawi akonzekera mvula

Malawi farmers prepared for the rains.

Ndi nyengo ya mvula yomwe ili pafupi alimi mdziko lonse la Malawi asosa kale minda yawo kuyembekezera kudzala mbeu. Demeter seed company yapereka kale mbeu mmasitolo osiyanasiyana oposela 900 mdziko lonse la Malawi kuti mlimi ayipeze mosavutikira ndi mdera lomwe akukhala.

Ndi sosa komanso mbeu zomwe zafika kale mmadera osiyanasiyana chiyembekezo cholandira mvula yabwino chilipo

With the rainy season approaching farmers throughout Malawi have prepared their lands for planting. The Demeter Seed company has made available seeds through over 900 outlets nationwide serving the farmer close to his home.

With lands prepared and inputs in place the rains can come and hopefully plentiful.





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