Maize seed ZM309 as tool for economic empowerment of smallholder farmers in Malawi

Mr. Jeffrey Lufani from Mthonya Village TA Nankumba (Malawi) has been active in maize winter production for the past 5 years planting different varieities, either to supplement his maize harvest or income since most of the maize is sold as fresh green maize. This year he decided to try ZM309, which is one of the popular varieties among winter maize producers for its early maturity with less water and twin cobbling attributes.  Mr. Lufani who is aged 64 with a wife and 7 children does not regret his choice for certified seed of ZM309. ‘I can’t believe it myself that 3 kgs of ZM309 on 0.12ha can fetch me over MK340, 000.00 (US$470) just in 3 months as proceeds from sales of green maize” Mr. Lufani said sounding very excited and looking forward to the next cycle of winter maize. Looking back in the preceding years, Mr. Lufani said in the last winter maize season he got MK70, 000 (US$100) from the same piece of land. ‘I have used the money from the maize sales to pay for a loan that I had, paid for school fees and bought fertilizer and other inputs in preparation for the rain season production’



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