Demeter Seed connecting with Malawi farmers nationwide

In preparation for the next planting season Demeter Seed is participating in ag-shows nationwide. This in order to connect with local farmers and inform them on the importance of good seed.

Because it  starts with the seed. If the wrong seed is planted all the other inputs and efforts are wasted. If the genetic potential is not there, the optimum utilsation of inputs will not be possible.

Here some impressions.



Demeter improves visibility agricultural service centres

In an effort to assist the Malawi farmer with better crop production,  Demeter Seed is improving the visbility of it’s agricultural service centres throughout Malawi.

Besides being able to source his ag inputs such as seed, fertilizer and chemicals the food producer of Malawi can also get free advice on what crops best to plant, what varieties to choose and how best to plant and look after them.

In the picture is a Demeter ag-input store in Mchinji.







Mphangala maize well suited under irrigation in Malawi

Not only does the Demeter hybrid Mphangala produce well for smallscale farmers in the summer rainfed conditions, the hybrid is also proving to be well suited for irrigated production in the Malawi dry season.

These are some pictures of a crop at the Malosa irrigation project near Zomba on 9 August. Cobs look impressive and will give a good yield and worthwhile MWK return for farmer.






Food for Malawi – It starts with the seed

In the field the planting of food crops seems far away but at Demeter Seed preparations are in full swing. The seed crop planted last season has been harvested and is being prepared for timely delivery to the market.

Professional farmers plan ahead and know that succesful crop production starts with the seed. As such Demeter will distribute seed of summer crops such as maize and legumes in good time to it’s agro-dealers so that farmers get a good chance to secure their preferred seed.

For all your seed needs you can contact us on:

Tel: +265 1 710 941 437        Mobile sales: +265 884 61 61 19

Sales office: Plot 43/2/61 Mphongo Street, Area 43, Lilongwe




Farm Services Unit and Demeter Seed partner in service to Malawi farmers

Farm Services Unit (FSU) offers farmers, both large and small, technical and practical advice in order to get the most out of their crop. FSU offers a full soil science service to commercial farmers, allowing for zone specific fertilization. FSU has also pioneered the largest soil testing project of it’s kind for small-scale farmers, leading to the launch of a series of specialised blends aiming at a production increase of 20%.

FSU is closely associated with Demeter Seed.

Read more on FSU website>>

FSU pic

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